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Sigma UHF Low Profile Antenna. LHA 400, LHA450.

 Sigma UHF Low Profile Antenna. LHA 400, LHA450.

LHA Low Profile Antenna 380-470 MHz

  • Compact Robust Protected antennas for Limited Height & High Vehicle Situations
  • Omni directional
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • Unity Gain
  • High Impact ABS Cover
  • Suitable for High Pressure Vehicle Washing
  • Digital PMR Applications

Type LHA low profile vehicle antenna is designed for use on vehicles operating under severe height limitations such as buses, trains, trams, trucks etc. Radiation is omnidirectional and the antenna is vertically polarised. The base plate is fitted with a high stability trimmer capacitor to facilitate VSWR adjustment. The radiating element is

enclosed in a tough ABS moulding with an aluminium base plate. Type LHA is supplied as a fully assembled sealed unit ready for fitting directly to the mounting surface. Type LHA is also suitable for use as a ceiling mounted antenna in large buildings, shopping complexes or railway stations.


Frequency Range: 380-470 MHz

Bandwidth 2.5% @ centre frequency

Gain (Rel. ¼ wave antenna): Unity at resonant frequency

VSWR: 1.5:1 Typically

Polarisation Vertical

E-Plane Beamwidth (-3dB) As for 1/4 wave antenna

H-Plane Beamwidth (-3dB) Circular within +/- 0.5dB (using ground plane 1/2 square)

Power Rating: 100 Watts

Impedance: 50 ohms

Lightning Protection: DC ground

Feeder Tail: 1m URM76 (other lengths available)


Termination: BNC Plug (Other Terminations Available:)

Dimensions (dia x H mm) 178dia x 35mm dia

Weight: 0.4 kg

Baseplate Fixing: Screw or Rivet


Cover Black ABS, UV Stabilised

Baseplate Aluminium (14swg)


Frequency ** Model

380-430 MHz LHA400 Fitted with single trimmer

420-470 MHz LHA450 Fitter with single trimmer

** For other frequencies contact us

Optimum performance is achieved when the antennas is fitted to a metallic ground plane or roof 1/2 square



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